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Welcome to the Arena

You have been forced to fight for your life with your fellow captives. Survive the dangerous trials and you may gain your freedom!

Forced is a challenging 1-4-player co-op arcade action RPG with puzzle and tactical elements.

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1-4 player co-operation

Play a great singleplayer campaign or gather your friends to defeat even the greatest foes in the Arena. Play online and with your friends in a couch, both mouse/keyboard and controllers works great!

Tactical Choices & Skills

Experiment with your combat style and choose the deadliest combinations as you progress in the arenas.

The Spirit Mentor

A completely new and innovative cooperative mechanic. The Spirit Mentor is essentially an extra team member with special powers, which the players must control in unison.


Face smart enemies who work together to destroy even the most skilled players.

FORCED Fun with Friends
By: WoW Guild - Ad Elysium
FORCED is Awesome
By: Far From Subtle
FORCED Death Bloopers
By: Al Valentyn and OS X Adam
We have quite a freaky story, and our awkward CEO tells it straight from the heart.
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